Facial Esthetics and TMJ Injections in Anchorage, AK

Did you know your trusted Anchorage dental implant providers can not only transform your smile with new teeth, but can also keep you looking and feeling young with facial esthetics? At Take 2 Dental Implant Studio, we are proud to be Alaska's first and only immediate-load full arch implant specialists — and our specialized skills extend beyond tooth replacement to include esthetic injections, dermal fillers, and injections that can treat the symptoms of TMJ.

We use the latest fillers and injectable systems to help patients banish wrinkles, smooth fine lines, and banish TMJ-related jaw pain. Dr. Guy Burk and his team are proud to help patients achieve their smile goals with top esthetic dental treatments in Anchorage, AK and beyond!

What are the Benefits of Facial Esthetics Treatments?

Take 2 Dental Implant Studio patient smiling big after injections removed his TMJ painAt Take 2 Dental Implant Studio, our esthetic injectables are used to deliver anti-aging treatments and medicinal therapy. Our facial esthetics treatments can offer a selection of benefits, including the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, including deep smile lines and crow’s feet, plus prevent the formation of new fine lines across the face.

Cosmetic Treatment with Esthetic Injections and Fillers

With esthetic injectables, our Anchorage, AK providers help patients address cosmetic concerns like smile lines and unwanted wrinkles across the face and forehead. For our patients who are concerned about the visibility of the gum lines when they smile, esthetic injections can be used to correct “gummy smiles” and restore a balanced appearance to the lips and teeth.

We also offer dermal fillers to address marionette lines and promote fullness in the lips and cheeks. When you're looking to replenish a fuller, smoother, more youthful appearance across the face and smile, our advanced esthetic therapies can help. Our providers will be happy to help you implement injectables into your treatment plan!

Injections for TMJ Treatment

At Take 2 Implant Studio, our injectable treatments are not used exclusively for cosmetics. We also offer carefully placed injections for the symptoms of TMJ, including jaw pain, clenching, tension, headaches, earaches, and migraines. When used for this type of treatment, the injections won’t affect facial appearance. You'll only notice relief from your TMJ symptoms!

Schedule Your Esthetic Treatment or TMJ Therapy

If you're ready to add facial esthetics to your smile transformation, rejuvenate your youthful confidence, or banish the uncomfortable symptoms of TMJ disorder, our skilled team can help! Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discover what facial esthetics and TMJ injections can do for your smile and quality of life.

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