Implant Restoration

Implant Restorative Services

Have you had previous dental implant therapy that failed, or is broken? We provide comprehensive implant restorative services and can get you smiling again. Whether it’s a broken crown or abutment, Anchorage Implants can help!

New Implant Crowns

If you don’t like the way your implant crown looks, or it’s fractured over time, we can create a new, customized porcelain crown for your dental implant. If you’ve whitened your teeth and need a new crown that blends in, that’s no problem. We work closely with you to design the shape, size, and color of crown that reflects the most aesthetic smile possible.

Abutment Repair

In rare circumstances, abutments may fracture due to excessive force or trauma. Removing a broken abutment is something that must typically be done by an implant specialist. Depending on what type of implant you’ve had performed, replacing your abutment and creating a new crown can be a very simple process.

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